I've spent years learning, and evolving my style as a photographer to create and tell stories. Early in my career I realized that cinematography is only natural for most photographers because some of us already understand the importance of composition, light, and emotional impact. Sometimes, creating a motion picture is one of the best mediums to deliver the emotional experience I am looking for.


Mothers of Tattooing

Selina Medina, an extremely well known and reputable tattoo artist at Black Hive of the Jacksonville Riverside area. Join her on her epic quest to uncover the hardship that early day female tattooers endured in order to have the major success and social freedom that they enjoy today. 



The Heart of a Man

Join Freddy, A boyfriend who commissions me to do a family portrait session for his girlfriend and two children, all the while i'm secretly capturing video in between the photography takes so he can surprise her with a touching, emotional impacting video. In this video, he adds a heartfelt voice over that shares the joys and experiences he endures with his new united family.