Jeffrey Padgett Photography

Jeffrey Padgett Photography is Fine Art Photography and Conceptual Photography in Jacksonville Florida

Our photography studio strives to accomplish more than simply "capture the moment." The selfie generation has that under control. The goal of Jeffrey Padgett Photography is to craft an image that tells an enduring, captivating story; your story

We take the statement of "a picture's worth 1000 words" as a baseline. If portrait photography or engagement photography is competent but has no heart, it's worthless. If maternity photography doesn't tell a magical tale, what's the point? And we don't bring ego to the project. We bring understanding. We're storytellers and we cannot wait to tell your story.

The excitement of the photoshoot for Jeffrey Padgett Photography is in bringing dreams and imagination to life. It gets our heart beating and blood flowing. We don't pick up a camera if we're not inspired. We are conceptual fine art photographers. We don't do the "point and click" that your iPhone can do. You've got that covered. We find the tale within the relationship, the opera within your editorial, the drama and magic that dreamers dream.


Our Process

The first stage of conceptual photography is, we hope you'll agree: the concept. We'll talk with you – not at you – about what sort of photography you want. The ultimate goal is to tell your story. We plan together and then leverage our expertise to scout locations, determine props and the overall color feel of your images. When we do the actual photo shoot our job isn't done there. We are experts in photo manipulation and graphic design, combining sometimes dozens of separate photographs into one impossibly beautiful picture to freeze a moment in time.

Our Clients

We are honored to present a partial list of selected clients and publications featuring Jeffrey Padgett Photography.

Dark Beauty Magazine, MTV, Dark Beauty MagazineDark Beauty MagazineDark Beauty MagazineBeautiful Bizarre Magazine, International Business Times Italy, ViewBug, PubliCelNews,

Our Scenery

We'll set a stage and build the set to bring your photoshoot to life. Sometimes that means finding amazing and unique locations. Sometimes that means dragging a couch through the forest. Sometimes it means lighting and fog machines. Each shoot is unique and we can't wait to talk with you about customizing your amazing shoot.

  • Conceptual photography
  • Forest photography
  • Abandoned Building photography
  • Urban photography
  • Fields and Nature photography
  • Underwater photography
  • Interior photography
  • Product photography

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